Eh…video games

Video Games

I’m not a video gamer at all. I like to watch movies, listen to music, or read books in my spare time. I’ve never really liked video games. I was a little sketchy when I saw this week’s post but what the hey. Playing a video for 30 minutes or so isn’t going to kill me. 😉 I took the liberty of choosing a game from the link provided & ended up playing Sniper Team 2. The choice of games wasn’t the greatest but I found Sniper Team 2 to be one of the better ones. The premise of the game is pretty much having a tsunami of enemy soldiers attacking your side. Your main objective is to stay alive (obviously!), destroy the enemy soldiers, all while protecting your tank. I guess the fun part is the balancing act. I never surpassed Level 3 because I’m not that strategic or fast & because there is ALWAYS that random shooter that is nowhere to be found.

I suppose people play video games for the same reason I like to read. It’s a relaxing hobby & you can escape to a another world. I do it through reading words while others choose to play a simulated character. In the article, Death From Above, it quotes  “Modern warfare is becoming more like a video game, most obviously while increasing the distance between soldiers and their targets. But at the same time, warfare video games are becoming more realistic-and not just in the blood and guts way.” That stuck out for me because it’s actually very true & I don’t think anyone realizes it. I have an 11 yr old brother who is a gamer (maybe video gaming is a more generational thing?) & he likes to play all different games. He was really into World of Warcraft & Call of Duty. I was kinda shocked at how realistic they make the games now. So realistic that my step-dad can’t handle the volume too loud because it triggers flashbacks. (Marine vet with 5 or 6 tours under his belt.) But the article is right when it says not in the blood and guts way. You have to be strategically making decisions for your team or else something might happen. Or as the article says “Many of them force players to follow the rules of engagement and make difficult judgement calls about when to shoot – and when not too.” I do see that in the newer releases of these games. I sometimes like to watch my kid brother play because he gets intense with it at times. 😉

Video games are hardly to blame for the 2007 tragedy in Baghdad. But they could help prevent the next one.” That is an interesting quote because as far back as you can remember all you hear is how video games rot your brain or are bad for you because you’ll learn to do bad things. But as the article discusses maybe kids should be playing more of the games that are discussed in the article such as Virtual Iraq that deal with real life situations in simulated form. That could help lessen the ignorance of unawareness about those issues. Kids are going to be gaming in this generation already. Why not have them play games like that?


One thought on “Eh…video games

  1. I also have never really been into video games, and I found it painful to have to sit and play a video game for 30 minutes for this post (mostly because it was such a nice day out and the pool was callin my name). I will sometimes watch my friends play video games its entertaining but I don’t like the one with zombies…it freaks me out a little. Very good post!


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