Netflix (Hulu) & Chill


Oh man. When I read the prompt for this week’s blog post about binge watching I thought that this lesson was made for me. 😉 I’ve binge-watched shows many a times, both on Netflix & on Hulu. I don’t have cable but I don’t miss it that much due to using my mother’s Netflix account & also my friend’s Hulu account. I do watch shows that are still being aired on cable  but Hulu is amazing in that they stream recent episodes a day after being aired. The article by Ana Swanson quotes “Or maybe it’s the sinful indulgence of spending so many hours with your feet up when there are other, more productive things you could be doing.” That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. As much as I love reading or being outside Netflix has some kind of magnetic pull for me to binge-watch. It’s oddly gratifying. 

The average American now watches 3 hours and 21 minutes of TV per day on the weekend, and 2 hours and 36 minutes per day during the week.” When I’m watching my shows it doesn’t seem like a lot of time but as the article states it is a significant amount of time being spent to watch fictional characters battle over who’s going to rule the country charts (Nashville) or a family fighting each other for control of their record label. (Empire). There have been times where I have done absolutely nothing all day except binge-watch. Watching that much internet television doesn’t really make me feel like anything. At the time I just want to know what happens next on Nashville or what new fairy tale characters they’re going to bring in on Once Upon A Time. Those pesky television writers really know how to suck their audience in. I have a couple shows that I like to watch. But the ones that I really binge-watch are Nashville, Empire, Once Upon A Time, & SVU. Hulu has all 17 seasons of SVU!

“Netflix, since its streaming service debuted in 2007, has had its annual revenue grow sixfold, to $6.8 billion from $1.2 billion.” That’s a little crazy to think about how much Netflix has taken from cable. My father still pays for cable but he has the most basic package which excludes all the good channels. I can see the appeal of paying a relatively low price every month & have all these shows, movies, etc to choose from. I like to use Netflix for certain shows & movies & their documentary section is superb. But I tend to use Hulu more just because they stream the latest episodes, unlike Netflix. Overall, I try to watch how much I’m watching just because I don’t need to be staying in bed watching all these shows all day. It’s a little bit harder when school is in session & when you have a part time job (as I do) but I’ll still make time for it. It’s one my favorite past-times. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


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