Past, Present, & Future of Radio.


“There’s just something about radio. It’s more personal.”

Act I- The podcast American Life was a little hard for me to follow what they were saying. But I’ll try my best to decipher it. From what I’ve gleaned the importance (or not) of radio is discussed from the viewpoint of a guy in a Miami radio show. The location was never fully disclosed nor was the telephone number was given out as is the case in actual radio. If I’m being honest it was a tad too wordy & at times difficult for me to grasp what they were trying to say. I guess maybe that was the point?

Act II-I don’t listen to a lot of radio anymore. It isn’t the same as it used to be when I was a kid. It seems like there’s a lot more commercials rather than actual music being played. And the music that is played is no good in my humble opinion. (Don’t get me started on that! That’s worthy of its own blog post!) The only time I listen to the radio is when my phone’s battery is too low to play my music of choice or when I’m visiting family down in San Diego. There’s one radio station (95.7) down there that plays the throwback hits from when I was in high school. Now, I prefer to listen to my music that I already have on my phone or if I’m studying I’ll listen to Pandora. My brother swears by Spotify but I still like Pandora. It’s simple enough for me. 😉

Act III-I don’t think that radio will ever completely die off. Unfortunately, I do think it will become more monopolized and/or corporatized. I do believe that radio still has a purpose despite the increasing popularity of music streaming services. There are people who use radio to get news or listen to their favorite radio shows. My step-father is one. There is one radio show that is based out of New York City called Sway In The Morning that is very popular. It’s hosted by Sway Calloway who previously worked as an MTV VJ for years before he landed his own radio show on Eminem’s Sirius XM channel. He interviews many different entertainers & will premiere the latest music singles, etc. It’s actually a pretty popular media outlet for entertainers to promote their latest projects. It’s primarily a radio show but the visual videos are uploaded to his YouTube channel. I subscribe to his channel & I watch them when someone that I like is being interviewed. With radio shows like Sway still being made that’s why I don’t think radio will ever completely die off. 



4 thoughts on “Past, Present, & Future of Radio.

  1. I really liked the comments you made in the third act of your post. I wasn’t aware of the types of shows that you commented on so it was a new idea to me. They do seem like they’ll have an effect on the future of the radio.

    Great post!
    -Raven Palomera

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  2. Hmm, I guess it was a little bit hard to follow the American Life podcast, but I’m not sure the guy was from Miami. There was one story on there where a guy from (I think) Miami’s story was being read by the host of the podcast, Ira Glass.
    I agree with you on the change in radio and it becoming a bit too commercialized. I like to listen to music on my phone, too. 🙂 I hope you’re right and radio doesn’t die off, but it might indeed become monopolized a bit like you said, sadly.

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