The Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

Magazines. There are many different magazines for a variety of interests. Rolling Stone (also known as The Rolling Stone) is a magazine that is geared to music lovers. They feature many musicians (for the most part) of many different genres on their cover, living & deceased. If you’re a musician & you land the cover of Rolling Stone it usually means that you have arrived. I believe that magazines, such as Rolling Stone, that have been around for decades wield a pretty strong influence over popular culture. By featuring musicians on the cover it opens up new music for someone who may not have found it otherwise. In the documentary Jay Leno says “The Rolling Stone has a knack of being just a little ahead of the culture phenomenon.” I do believe that is true, to an extent. However, in today’s society where reality television has become a cultural phenomenon or in the ever changing music industry where if you look like a pop star but may not have the vocal talent, Rolling Stone is like any magazine in the sense that they jump on the trendy train. However, that is where we are these days with pop culture & the music industry. That doesn’t negate the impact that Rolling Stone has had.

Back in the day (1970s, etc) Rolling Stone was considered a very liberal magazine & showed a more relatable side of musicians. One cover that comes to mind is the cover they did with John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Lennon

Despite all the rumors swirling around the breakup of The Beatles & whatever part Yoko played in it, Rolling Stone showed a more human side to them. It was published in 1980 & risque for that time in that Lennon was nude & wrapped around Yoko. When I see the cover I don’t see a Jezebel whose end goal was to end one of the most influential rock & roll bands; but rather a couple in love & not afraid to defy the norm & just live their brief life together. Despite what Rolling Stone has evolved too there is no denying that it has had a strong impact on pop culture. It defied the norm & paved the way for future music magazines. 

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One thought on “The Rolling Stone

  1. Your post left this song “Cover of the Rolling Stone” play in my head:
    Indeed, the Rolling Stone has either been looking forward to the next big cultural thing, as you quoted Leno saying. Or the influence of the Rolling Stone created the next big thing. Or some combination of both.
    It’s always fun to see that John Lennon/Yoko Ono cover. I was a subscriber then, in my teenage years, and my mom got a bit worked up about the nudity on the cover of the magazine arriving in our mailbox. Ah, the 1970s.
    Fun blogging, thanks.

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